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commentaries and the media is not helping out too much about that. but i'm sure there's a little soft spot when they're out on the football field for each other. we have been looking for the football fans out here, mardi gras celebrations are put on hold for the super bowl this week. we've been seeing a lot of beads out there, and now it's time for football. where are all the fans, coming up, we find out where they are and if there's a shortage of the fans. for now we'll go to anne makovec who has more on a video controvert. it was aimed at preventing violence and bullying against gays in the united states and flow there's controvert. >> it's one of those it gets better videos, a lot of celebrities from around the country have been producing these videos over the last couple of years basically meant to stop the bullying of gay,
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lesbian and transsexual teenagers. >> set goals for yourself. >> look to the future and it will get better. >> they told usa today they actually didn't realize what the video was about when they signed on for it. now the it gets better project has cut the 49ers video from it archives. so this is more fall out after the comments made by chris culliver on tuesday perceived as home phobic after he said he wouldn't welcome a gay player in the locker room. he apologized and other players are weighing in as well. >> the fact of the matter is people are real, people have real feelings so we just have to be very mindful of what we say to each other. >> there's a lot of homosexuals out there in the bay area, and you know, i hope they don't, i mean, of course they're going to be bothered, but i hope they're not affected by a little comment like that. >> there's a petition on
5:02 am asking the nfl to send culliver to spend a day with a gay football league in new york. now, we spoke with some of the experts, james brown, nfl commentator and dennis o'donnell. they do not think the whole controversy is going to be a distraction in sunday's game, but a lot of people talking about it this morning. live in san francisco, anne makovec cbs 5. thanks much. we've seen plenty of news conferences with the players and the coaches, and the lot, but how about the fans, you've been there almost a week, michelle, have you seen a lot of 9ers ravens fans or all they coming in today. >> i don't know. i think they may be coming in today. we've been looking for all the football fans, seen a few 49er fans out there. we hope there's not a shortage of them. hopefully they're coming out soon. but i tell you, the local businesses are ready for them.
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>> two bowls in -- super bowl is in less than four days and there's nobody in any kind of jersey for either team yet. >> reporter: that's not entirely true. >> i tell you, i feel like i'm overelwell-- overwhelmed with the ravens. >> reporter: and like a good gumbo, there are other random ingredients. >> i'm an eagles fan. >> cowboys fan. >> pittsburgh steelers. >> reporter: that's not adding up to the numbers local business owners had in mind. >> all the business owners are freaking out, wanting to know where everybody's at. >> everybody's overstaffed and sending people home. >> reporter: on this thursday for super bowl xlvii, fans are cheering for more fans. >> where are you at. >> please bay area, come down here, catch an early flight, get to the airport. >> get on a plane, spend your
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retirement money, spend whatever you have to spend. bring it, because we need you here. >> reporter: that may not help these guys. >> ravens. >> ravens,. >> ravens,. >> is may put points on the board in local cash registers. >> hasn't been a lot of business. >> reporter: they're waiting for the football fans to come to town and we know a lot of people in the bay area are probably making their way to new orleans today, and an airline is actually helping out with that. cbs 5's cate cauguiran is at sfo with more on that. good morning cate. >> reporter: good morning to you michelle. we're seeing the 9ers fans start to e show up and check in for the early morning flights at sfo. the workers tell me that they have their regular line ups for flights to the big easy today and hopefully it should be an easy day of travel because of southwest. the airline did offer more nonstop flights from baltimore to san francisco to new orleans
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and this was helpful to fans trying to get to the big game. from what we've seen at the local airports, the high prices are worth it. >> when i was born out of my mom's womb, i came out with a football in my hand. >> reporter: now, 9ers fans were greeted by that new orleans hospitality we've been talking about, just getting to the airport, fans were greeted by a live band, and now i actually just checked on different web sites in terms of trying it get to the big easy today. if you are trying to catch a flight today, nonstop, it's going to set you back about $1500. so frank or michelle, i hope you have that extra are money so you can send me over there to come join with your super bowl coverage. reporting live from sfo, cate cauguiran cbs 5. i think a lot of people are staying home because it's so expensive, 900 bucks, a thousand bucks a night. probably all flying in today.
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>> we can watch it on our station. >> good poind by you. >> why not -- good point by you. >> why not stay home and enjoy it. temperatures outside this morning, it's hazy, we have fog showing up in the valleys, 30s and 40s right now. that ridge of high pressure has been the dominant feature. and we will see a couple clouds dive over the ridge for the weekend, so i think that will be the worst of what we see. today looking good. staying mild. average temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. well above the average today. upper 60s in the santa rosa. 66 in san jose and 62 degrees for a high in san francisco. more on the weekend weather in a moment. let's check out the roads. thank you lawrence and this is the san mateo bridge camera. they zoomed back a little bit. westbound and eastbound 92 across the span between hayward and foster city, a great looking drive. the drive time 14 minutes
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between 880 and 101. elsewhere, let's go to the maps and talk about areas of slowing, a few slow sensors, from 14 minute drive time from the altama path and the dublin interchange . usually by this time we see some flowing by antioch. if you're heading toward the pittsburgh bay area. heading toward sfo and candle stick, no delays on 101 and 280 hitting out of san francisco. and benecia bridge, and you can see some slowing on the sensors as you cross that bridge. b.a.r.t. on time. that is traffic, back to you frank. we have some breaking news out of oakland. an amber alert from the oakland police department this morning. they are searching for a 1972 chevy pickup truck, license plate number as you see there, 7n79574, california plate, a 1- year-old child has been b
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abducted in alameda county. the suspect is kim tolefrey, a 56-year-old man. they are looking for the primer gray pickup truck, 7n79574. if you see the truck or have any information, please call 911. and some developing news this morning in turkey, a suspected suicide bomber has attacked the united states em e basie in the capital -- embassy in the capital. the explosion killed two security guards at the embassy's visa section. several ambulances rushing to the scene and a journalist saw an injured woman being carried to one of them, so far no one has claimed responsibility for today's attack. in about 20 minutes, we will get the january jobs report from the labor department. some economists are predicting the unemployment rate will hold steady far 3rd month at 7.8% and expect 155,000 new jobs
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were created last month. house republicans are blasting president obama though, for disbanding the jobs council he created two years ago. council hasn't met in more than a year. >> we hear, you know, some of the somewhat ridiculous criticisms on this. they come from people on capitol hill who have consistently opposed every growth initiative and job creation initiative the president put forward. >> the white house says it was only spended to last two years. americans have been buying guns in record numbers ever since the talk about tightening gun control laws. now there's the build up, your self-option for guns, a store in ocean side has its own machine shop where people can build their own guns, even ar15 semiautomatic rifles. the store is only allowed to sell the metal parts. the customers have to put it together themselves. >> that's where your actual
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trigger assembly and hammer and everything is going to go inside there to make it a firearm. at this stage, literally a paper weight. >> gun laws say americans can make a weapon for personal use but not for sale or distribution felons and undocumented immigrants are not allowed. a south bay city is taking down symbols of love. this lock with a personal inare scripps, it was a way for -- inscription, it was a way to celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary, the city officials say the locks are illegal and have to go. >> symbolized unity of us and a perm in permanence. after -- permanence. >> it was so much fun seeing it grow, and when it finally looked like it was going to come to an end, it sucker
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punched me. i was kind of down in the dumps. >> city leaders claim the locks would weigh down the fence which could topple over in a wind storm. cutting of the locks could begin today. time is 5:12. michelle has been showing you all the sights and sounds. still to come, sampling the savory flavors of new orleans. ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ ♪ >> and beyonce finally speaks out, in fact chasings out about her inauguration -- she sings out about her inauguration day performance. and super bowl performers who want to see her sing on sunday. coming up. >> ♪ flag was still there, oh, say, does that star ♪ ♪
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february 1st. i'm frank mallicoat.
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riego, live in . good morning everyone, it is friday, february the 1st, and i'm frank mallicoat here in the bay area. >> reporter: and i'm michelle griego here in new orleans. frank, that music is what you hear walking down the street. you could be on bourbon street, in the french quarter, i mean, there is just so much music playing out here. >> you don't have to go very far. every corner you turn, there's someone on a clarinet or the saxophone or a steel drum. we talked about the 9ers and ravens and coaches and there is a celebrity at the super bowl who caused a little bit of controversy a few weeks back and kind of fessed up to it, didn't she. >> reporter: yes, she did, she held a news conference and she admitted that he lip synced during the inauguration but admitted it in style. take a listen. this is beyonce we're talking
5:16 am
about. >> so now beyonce will be posing for photographs and when she's done with that, she will be brought down to our radio media center. >> that was the wrong tape. we were supposed to hear her sing. that's what she did. she got up in front of all of the reporters e, sang the star spangled banner and said hey, you know what i can sing live and that's what she's going to do for the super bowl half-time performance. there's no doubt she can sing live. >> and no doubt she can pose for photographs. she looked beautiful. >> she. >> reporter: she does. i think it's going to be tough for the players to concentrate on football when she's up there because she always gives a great performance. i have to tell you the 49ers players and the ravens, i think they're singing a little beyonce, maybe even practicing a little dance move. this is what they said about the upcoming show. >> i'll be out there, may be one of the back up dancers.
5:17 am
>> all my single ladies, all my single ladies. >> if coach would allow me to go watch the half-time show like i wanted to, you know, see those beyonce dances, you know, it would be fun. >> reporter: all my single ladies, we're practicing too, i can't wait to see her performance i want love her. >> i'm impressed michelle, that was pretty good. and players are going to be sequestered, they're going to be knee deep at the super dome to be sure, so should be a lot of fun. >> reporter: that's right. all eyes, they need to be on the football, especially the 49ers, so they can pull out that win. all right. so we have been exploring new orleans. we love it. o so much culture here. so much history and of course the food coming up, you do not want to miss this because we try a po boy. have you ever had a po boy.
5:18 am
>> i have had a po boy, they are delicious. >> reporter: the key e to a good one is the bread, so you have to hear what we have coming up. >> be sure and bring one back, but bayou is monday. >> -- buy it monday. pretty quiet here in traffic land. not too much going on in the roads. if you have to head out to work, a lot of people have 49ers on the brain. quiet as far as accidents and incidents go. here's a live look at the dublin enterer change. i can show you the -- interchange. and no major brake lights on highway 4 through ain't i don't care. that's the check -- antioch. that's the check of traffic. for more on the forecast, here's lawrence. a couple patches of fog in the valley, so watch out for
5:19 am
that. otherwise looking good sailing into the afternoon. a lot of sunshine and the temperatures running well above average, upper 60s n. valleys. high pressure overhead, remaining in place over the weekend. we're going to stay high and dry. and the temperatures looking good throughout the weekend. going to be running up in the 60s. very nice weather all the way to the coast. next couple of days, lots of sunshine. maybe return to rain toward the middle of next week. we'll have more news when we come back. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four
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back now at 5:23 and michelle is there and you've been experimenting, you've had an old fashion this week, you found out what that was all about. you've had a little bit of seafood which you hate and now love and we just talked about the po boy, tell us what that is about and have you had one yet. >> reporter: frank, i did not try the p o o boy, i hate to say, but i have tried some seafood while i've been here. i don't know if i love it yet, but the food has been unbelievable. i had the best grits a couple of days days days ago that i've ever had. >> the sandwiches are ready.
5:23 am
during a depression, they would put the brie on the french bed over night. >> i've been here 30 years, the place has been here somewhere around a hundred. >> local seafood, bread delivered two or three times a day. people come here, and you know, some people will come every week and get the same sandwich over and over again. went to school at newman, right around the corner there and they used to come in here all the time with his little babies. comfort food, comfort food. thank you. >> reporter: and we found this place right outside of downtown. now, ally manning and peyton planning actually grew up in that place and would often go there. they still go to get their po boys and i have to say i haven't tried one yet, but i am going to try. i'm going to have a little bit of a break the next couple of days, so i'll get out and try
5:24 am
more food, frank, i promise. >> that looks delicious delicious. you have to jump in. when in rome. >> reporter: i know. >> we'll check back in. >> it is 5:25 in the bay area. an amber alert for a 1-year-old in oakland. the suspect is armed and dangerous. we're going to have a description of the car police are looking for. much more coming up. first it was controversial comments perceived as homophobic by a 49er player and other players are claiming ignorance on their it gets better video. the latest coming up.
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. and good morning everyone, it's friday, it's february the 1 1st. i'm frank mallicoat. michelle griego is is live in new orleans. we're going to check in with michelle in just a moment. first off the top, breaking news, an amber alert from oakland police they're searching for a 73 chevy flatbed truck, it's california plate 7n79574. a 1-year-old child taken from its mother in oakland just after midnight. the suspect is kim tollifrey, a 56-year-old man, a registered sex offender considered armed and dangerous last seen in a plaid green and beige coat, acid wash jeans and brown shoes. the vehicle police are looking for a primer gray chevy flatbed truck. if you see the truck call 911. the child is a 1-year-old girl. was last seen in a pink shirt
5:29 am
with blue bears, holding an orange and yellow tigger blanket. and developing news in the middle east and turkey. one person was killed when a suspected suicide bomber attacked a u.s. embassy. it exploded inside a security check point at the side entrance to the embassy. debris littered the road there. u.s. ambassador says a guard was killed, one turkish citizen was injured. 5:30, let's switch gears and get back to new orleans where michelle is apparently standing by with what looks like a nice day in the big easy behind you. >> reporter: i think it's going to be a pretty nice day here, i think in the 60s. take a look at this beautiful sunrise over the mississippi river, just gorgeous. probably about 20 minutes ago the sky was orange, a little bit blue and purple. there are some clouds settling
5:30 am
in here, but it's warming up. a lot warmer than it was yesterday morning. and let's take a live look now at the super dome. of course this is where all the action is going to be on sunday, super bowl xlvii. new orleans, this is the 10th 10th super bowl for new orleans to host the super bowl, but the 7th at the super dome, the first three were held at tulane stadium. there are more than 76,000 seats there at the super dome, so lots of fans are going to be piling in to watch that game. now, we're hearing from the coaches, jim and john harbaugh, they are going to hold a joint news conference in about an hour from now. can't wait to hear what they have to say. this marks the first super bowl to feature the brothers as head coaches. they'll share a podium at a new orleans hotel for their final media session before the big game. they're rumored to have had dinner last night for before.
5:31 am
and on monday he told reporters it's "a blessing and a curse to face his brother on the field "and we will see who will be the winner. right now a little controversy here in new orleans. the 49ers have been taken out of a program aimed at reducing bullying against gays in the united states and with more on that is cbs 5's anne makovec. >> reporter: this all started with the controversy over some comments by chris culliver that were perceived as offensive to the gay community. well, in that discussion, it came out that the 49ers made this it gets better video. that video is to try to stop the bullying of gay teenagers, here is that video. >> believe in yourself, set goals for yourself. look to the future and it will get better. >> reporter: that's amad brooks and they said they didn't realize what video was about when they signed on for it.
5:32 am
now the it gets better project has cut the 49ers video from the archives. this is the fall out from the comments by culliver on tuesday perceived as homophobic after he said he wouldn't welcome a gay player in the locker room. he apologized publicly yesterday. >> reporter: what would you like to say to the community of san francisco? >> like i said, that i apologize and i'm sorry, and that's not what i feel in my heart, that's why i'm addressing this situation now, and like i said, i hope i will learn. i know that i will learn and grow from this situation. the social media is weighing in on this, a lot of people calling that apology, lame, insincere, other people are glad that he had that open discussion. coming up here in the next half hour, we'll hear from other players weighing in on this controversy. live in san francisco, anne makovec cbs 5. thank you very much. back to you michelle. now, i understand vern glenn was on bourbon street working last night so to speak, and he
5:33 am
bumped into a guy that knows a thing or two about super bowls, i guess, right. >> reporter: yeah, frank, he was working. you don't work on bourbon street, but you never know who you're going to run into, and vern ran into joe montana and he has a little prediction for the game. >> reporter: here we are again, the quest for 6 as they say. >> i know it. i know it. i think it's going to happen. >> reporter: joe thinks it's going to happen. you hear that san francisco. >> reporter: and there you go, that was his prediction right there. of course, the 49ers right frank. >> what is joe montana going to say, ravens all the way, of course he is, he won 4 super bowls and is a stud. what else can you say about joe montana. let's talk about the town. we've been eating a lot of food, learned a lot about new orleans, but time to play a little football now to the fans, are they coming in
5:34 am
finally? >> reporter: the fans coming in. we've seen a few, but the businesses, they want more fans to come into town, so hopefully, hopefully they will be coming into town today. a lot are making their way in to the bay area. and the official roman numerals of super bowl xlvii, they made their way in by barge yesterday. they traveled up the mississippi river and they're going to be docked at a stretch of water front designated as super bowl boulevard and that's going to happen through sunday. the numbers by the way, they stand 30 feet high and a hundred feet wide. very big roman numerals there. we've been talking about this gorgeous sunrise here this morning. there are some clouds, a little chill in the air, but hey, it's a lot warmer than yesterday, lawrence, how is it in the bay area. we are looking good out here, a little fog showing up. a little haze in the skies. by the afternoon we're working
5:35 am
off super weather outside. it is cloudy in some of the valleys, visibility down to a quarter or half mile nana fa -- napa. 57 degrees in morgan him. 66 in san jose. as you head to the east bay, temperatures well into the 60s under mostly sunny skies and looking good inside the bay. 65 in alameda. sunny all the way to the coastline. changes over the weekend. we'll talk more about that. we're taking check of bay area bridges. here's a live look across the golden gate bridge. we have the commuter traffic flowing nicely into san francisco. headlights drive. benicia bridge is a little slow this morning and that should wrap up by 6:00 this morning. let's go out and take a check
5:36 am
of the bay bridge toll plaza now where there are no delays and metering lights approaching the pay gates and they did wrap up overnight road work: and heading toward treasure island. that's check of traffic. 5:37 and i know you don't have a rental car and new orleans is really a walking city, so you have to rely on the cabs a little bit, and i guess there are some issues with the cabs there right. >> reporter: yeah, frank, there may be issues today. we've been taking a lot of cabs from our hotel into jackson square and the french quarter and we've been talking to a lot of the drivers and they're saying that there could be a brief work stoppage today and that's because of some regulation grievances the taxi cab drivers have. obviously that would have a crippling effect on mobility in a city that is pushing tourist capacity, about 150,000 people are expected to be here, and i can tell you getting a cab is difficult already, so if a
5:37 am
significant number of cab drivers were to strike even for a few hours it could cause headaches for a lot of people and everywhere we go we need a cab so we would be in trouble. it was a little tough this morning when i left the hotel to meet these guys for the live shots. hopefully they get it all worked out and we'll have to i guess see what happens. >> and later in the show you're going to get your fortune told or something like that. >> reporter: well, frank, i was told when it comes to new orleans, you have to enjoy seafood, you have to take a carriage ride down the french quarter, we've done that. you have to eat bennays, we've done that and apparently you have to get your tarro cards read so with my heartbeating fast, i did that and you'll have to see what the reading said. >> i see sleep in your future.
5:38 am
>> reporter: i did ask about that. >> i bet you did. you've been working really hard. thank you so much. we'll check in in a moment. other headlines around the bay area, former new york mayor ed koch has died. he was the politician who rescued the city from near financial ruin from the three city hall tours he had. he won a national reputation, ask his feisty style, was a regular on letterman. he died this morning from congestive heart failure. he was 88 years old. and new this morning, a fire in a garage near golden gate park. the one alarm fire happened on 5 5th avenue. firefighters attacked the fire from the ground level and the roof. they had to contain it just around 3:30:00 a.m. damage estimated at $30,000. fortunately nobody was hurt in that fire. 5:40 now, the latest jobs report has just come out and unemployment rate budge. we're going check in with cbs
5:39 am
money watch reporter, ashley morrison in new york and die hard fans show their spirit with a close shave. it's all coming your way.
5:40 am
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so we offer personalized tools and support, that let our students tackle the challenge of going back to school, like they do anything else... their way. in san jose people are getting lined up with th the 49er fans are going all
5:42 am
out by wearing their pride in a much different way, a little more permanent here. people are getting lined up with the 49er logo. check that out. the basher says the cuts which take about 15 to 30 minutes are usually for essentially occasions, this father and son think super bowl is pretty special and they're marking the 9ers first appearance since 1994. fun now but in a couple weeks they get a full funky. the new job in your opinions are in and with more, ashley morrison of cbs money joins us on her favorite day of the week. good morning. >> yes, it absolutely is. happy friday o you and everyone. mixed news on the jobs front this morning, the labor department says just 157,000 jobs were added in january and the unemployment rate edged up to 7.9% from 7.8. now, most economists were forecasted 164,000 jobs would
5:43 am
be added and that the unemployment rate would remain at 7.8%, but the economy it add more jobs in 2012 than previously estimated with a large part of that coming in the final months of the year. overnight asian markets were mostly higher, despite manufacturing data from china. and hong kong lost a fraction. despite a strong start to 2013 on wall street yesterday, stocks fell, the dow closed down 49 points while the nasdaq was off a fraction. stock futures are pointing toward a higher open. and the justice department filed a lawsuit challenging the planned merger of the makers of budweiser and korona they say it would hurt competition in the market and would result in higher beer prices. can't have that. >> that's just not american. no way. >> it is. >> i know you're a blackberry
5:44 am
gal, we talked about that yesterday and there may be a good thing because iphones are great, i have one, but the bills are huge, biller than all the other phones. >> oh, yeah, iphone users pay the highest monthly bills. 60% of iphone users polled said they pay more than a hundred dollars a month. 50 percent of android users fell into the same category. the reason is most likely due to carriage fees, overuse is most likely not the cause. and just an fyi, blackberry users paid much less and the phone costs less too soyas saying. >> i'm converting. >> no, you're not. >> no, i'm not. >> enjoy the weekend, enjoy the game, too. i'm sure you'll be tuned in. >> you too. it is 5:46. i have some company up here. >> it's about time. >> it is. >> that we joined you. >> you brought your pompoms and your hat and everything. >> and they look good with us
5:45 am
today. >> we have a nice day. going to see a lot of sunshine outside. that dominant ridge of high pressure setting itself up again. we're looking good so far. we have some haze and some patchy ground fog showing up in the valleys. numbers in the 30s and 40s now. by the afternoon, sunshine all the way to the coastline and very mild temperatures. even upper 60s, almost 70 degrees in some warmer spots until the valleys and inside the bay. temperatures are going to be very mild under this big dome of high pressure, keeping any threat of rain well to the north. running above the average could cool a little bit of weak disturbance moves in on saturday and warm up into sunday. traveling out of sfo, you have to catch a flight to the super bowl, looking good. no delays expected there. across the country, 68 in houston. 48 in denver. 14 degrees the expected high there, 34, a chance of snow showers in new york. around the bay today, you'll see temperatures in the 60s in the south bay, almost 70
5:46 am
degrees into morgan hill, east bay numbers running in the 60s and inside the bay, plenty of sunshine and gentle sea breeze. 67 in santa rosa and next couple of days, plenty of sunshine over the weekend. just a few clouds moving through. there's a chance for cooler temperatures and maybe showers as we head toward the latter part of next week. love all those 60s. thank you lawrence. outside we're getting word of our first accident. coming up through hospital curve northbound 101. and sound like it's blocking the slow lane. chp is on the scene now. if you're coming into san francisco we're not seeing major slowing yet on 101 on 280. we have not seen too many incidents on the road this morning different story than yesterday when one was popping up after another. so far everything is quiet including down the east shore freeway. a live look through berkeley,
5:47 am
westbound 80, 18 minutes from the car cartenas bridge . northbound 680 they had various lanes blocked but no longer seeing the slowing which is a good lane. the three left lanes were blocked overnight. westbound 580 we have break lines coming through the altamat pass through the dublin interchange. in the meantime, back to you. the nudity ban goes into effect today. nudists who are not happy with the new law plan to protest at city hall they're going to do it all natural. they're going to claim their right to protest has been
5:48 am
violated. and looking into the future with tarro cards, i get my cards read right here in new orleans and ask if the 49ers are going to pull out a win in the super bowl. [ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what
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we've talked about superstitions.. for some.. that means pychics right mi . 5:51 let's go back to new orleans and michelle, and i know the harbaughs, i think there was something like 500 media outlets covering mr. and mrs. harbaughs press conference. quite a media circus there, isn't it. >> reporter: oh, it is. we've seen reporters from everywhere coming here for super bowl xlvii. we're right across the street from jackson square across from
5:51 am
the cbs compound. i have to show you where we're sitting right now just to give you a look of what we're dealing with here. you see this big jib that's on the balcony with us. this has been roaming around all morning long. sometimes it's come very close to my head and you may see that in one of the live shots but if wilson can pan the camera just a little bit and say hi to our photographer extraordinary, rick, this is the best team to be out here with. these guys have been great. and we've done a lot of work this week, frank. it's been fun, though. >> i know you bond as you work with those guys and it's just crazy there. i understand you got your fortune read, right. >> reporter: yes. and my heart was beating a little fast. i had to get my fortune read. i was told you have to do certain things and that was one
5:52 am
of them. here's what the card said. >> you're getting your energy. (inaudible)audible). >> reporter: okay, so we are looking at this experience right now. we went into this shop to get my cards read. we're supposed to show my story right now, but it's not working out. i have to tell you, though, i asked the guy who was reading my cards, i asked a few things about my personal life, and i also asked of course if the 49ers were going to win the super bowl and he gave me the answer, he said it's a soft no, which doesn't quite mean no. he said they really have to
5:53 am
focus, keep the emotions out and they could pull out this win. so not really a no frank. >> i'm sorry, that's a cop out. it's a question. yes or no. how about the personal stuff? >> reporter: well, he did call me a basket case. >> credibility. oh, the guy is right on the money, come on. >> reporter: you would know. i sit next to you every morning, so yeah, i guess so. maybe just a little bit. >> i know you're working about 20 hours a day out there. we'll get that story up a little bit later in the show. >> reporter: you have to see it. yes. >> we look forward to it, especially the personal part. of course we are your super bowl station here at a cbs 5. you can watch the 9ers play the ravens, february 3rd kick off at 3:30 and the game will be followed by cbs post game samoa special episode of elementary and a live special super night on the bay bridge. let's hope for a big 9er
5:54 am
winner. breaking news, an amber alert out of oakland, a one- year-old taken by an armed and dangerous sex offender. we have cate cauguiran on the way. and more distractions and damage control for the 9ers, the anti-bullying video that turned into another huge p problem coming your -- pr problem coming your way.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
but the 49ers p-r problems are getting worse. the you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. i'm michelle griego. live in new orleans, we're counting down to super bowl xlvii. >> we are on your side. we promise. >> and the 49ers pr problems are getting worse, controversy
5:58 am
over an anti-bullying video. and we are getting ready for the weekend, with a nice sunshine continue, we'll talk about that coming up. and a traffic back up, northbound 101 we'll plain why. what's going on there coming up. good morning everyone, it's friday february 1st. i'm frank mallicoat. michelle griego live in new orleans. we're going to check in with michelle in just a moment. first breaking news in the bay area, an amber alert issued from oakland police. they're searching for a 1973 chevy flatbed truck primer gray in color. 7n79574 license plate. a one-year-old girl taken from her mother in oakland just after midnight. the suspect is kim tollifrey, he's a registered sex offender, armed and considered dangerous, last seen in a plaid coat, and the vehicle police are looking for at this time is a gray 73
5:59 am
chevy flatbed truck. if you see the truck, you're urged to call 911. the child, a 1-year-old girl was last seen in a pink shirt with blue bears on it holding an orange and yellow tiger blanket. developing news in the middle east in tour e key -- turkey this morning, a bombing kills one worker. this happened at a side entrance to the embassy. a door was blown off the hinges and debris littered the road. u.s. ambassador says a guard was killed and one to the best of my recollectionish citizen was wounded. -- turkish citizen was wounded. let's get back to michelle on what looks like a beautiful day and a big weekend in the big easy. >> reporter: it's going to be a big weekend here in new orleans and i have to tell you, it's been a little chilly some mornings but it

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